Classic Options for the Classic Wallpapers

Classic Options for the Classic Wallpapers

Classic Options for the Classic Wallpapers

Most of the people want a wallpaper classic and how could it be otherwise? Pastel shades and shaded gold are very popular, both ideal for “binding” the floor and furnishings.

Two solutions that never go out of fashion are wallpaper singapore with floral references the patterns with lotus flowers are very popular and those with classic decorations to be clear, the traditional “grandmother’s card”, with beige or cream shades, soft pastels and damask designs. Cheerful and versatile, these cards give a touch of traditional originality.

Wallpaper with geographic creativity

The fusion style is the representation of the eclectic traveler, who wants to enclose a mix of cultures, objects and colors in a single environment. Green light therefore to the imagination when it comes to choosing a wallpaper for this style there are no particular rules to respect, only your own inspiration! Choosing the perfect wallpaper singapore is the right choice here.

In recent years, wallpapers with a cosmopolitan soul have become very popular maps, globes or outlines of human figures, which perfectly match the colored hexagonal flooring typical of this style. A dominant white lends itself well to environments overloaded with ethnic colors and colonial decorations.A wallpaper is the trademark of every modern home, the story that those who live there choose to tell.

  • After years in oblivion, wallpaper is back in fashion, thanks above all to the many customization possibilities , which allow you to shape the space by playing at will with shapes and colors.
  • The important thing, when choosing a wallpaper, is to respect the glance and the overview that each style requires, without mixing or improvising.Paper must be the link between the floor and the background of the furniture. It means that a “natural” paper must be combined with a wood-colored floor; if the floor is made with a concrete effect, a paper with a geometric decoration is preferable, and so on. These are good tips for any style. There are also “universal” papers that look good anywhere, with abstract creative or patterns that overlay multiple textures.

If you still have doubts about the most suitable wallpaper for your home, go to one of the stores of the network the interior designers will be able to advise you on the best solution.